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Biomethane Plant Developers

According to NGVA The EU production of BioLNG is set to increase tenfold by 2030. EU LNG heavy-duty transport is expected to reach 280.000 units in the same period.


Rika Biotech is developing a pipeline of large volume manure and agri-waste biogas projects accross the UK and Europe primarily to take advantage of this trend. Rika has identified key target markets where  conditions enable the development of large scale biomethane projects that produce attractive returns.


The Rika model is to work with specialist green infrastructure funds and other investors to source, finance and develop biomethane projects. We also work with local development partners to identify suitable sites with access to sustainable waste streams. We take projects through to planning and permitting and arrange financing. Based on our experience of operating for fourteen years in the biogas sector Rika is well placed to advise funders on the key risks of biogas projects from  legal, financial and technical aspects. We always ensure from the outset that a project has secure  feedstock and off-take contracts as well as proven, bankable contractors for project construction and O&M provision.


The market for biogas is developing fast and the old constraints around grid connections for either electricity or gas don’t always apply. Therein lies new opportunity for the sector.


If you have a green gas project in the UK or Europe and you are looking for either a development partner or project financing please get in touch via our contact form.


Current Projects


Rika is developing a large pipeline of biomethane projects in Spain in partnership with Swen Capital Partners' SWIFT II fund and AGR Biogas- the leading developer of biomethane projects in Andalusia.

In 2023 Rika and Swen Capital Partners' SWIFT II fund have invested via Polish Biogas Investments into biomethane project developer Enricom Biogas with an initial portfolio of three 500m3/hr biomethane projects

Rika is also working with a developer in Greece and has financed in partnership Swen's SWIFT fund the build of a 3MWe AD plant near Larissa and agreed funding to extend a second plant from 1.5MWe to 2.3MWE on the Thessaly plain. Construction on the 3MWe plant was completed in  early 2023.

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