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Unlock the Biogas Potential of Straw

Rika offers the Bioextruder technology that is a simple and cost effective way of adding value to existing feed stocks, as well as giving biogas plant operators the ability to realise significant biogas yields from lignified materials such as straw and dry grass. The technology is scalable to fit any feedstock or required biogas volume; Rika recently commissioned a plant capable of processing up to 12 tonnes per hour of straw.

 Rika is supplying a number of bioextruders to the Indian biogas market where they are primarily used to process rice paddy straw for the production of bioCNG.

If you are looking for ways to reduce your feedstock bill, decrease your reliance on energy crops or expand your biogas facility, please contact us for more information.


For more details please visit our dedicated site for the Bioextruder at  

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