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Co2 Delivery Solutions

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Under the brand Rika Biomist we offer technological solutions to the commercial greenhouse and protected crop sectors that improve crop yields by up to 30% as well as reducing their carbon footprint and costs of CO2 fertilization.

Rika has formed a licensing agreement with Canadian innovator CO2 Gro Inc. to offer their  customized CO2 Delivery Solutions™ that are practical and affordable for all indoor plant growers. For the press release click here.

Biomist solutions are automated, remote controlled systems that easily retrofit into existing irrigation infrastructure and can be designed into new greenhouses. They are proven to increase plant growth to the same 30% level that CO2 gassing creates but with over 90% less CO2 usage. Aqueous CO2 mist also provides significant pathogen resistance that CO2 gassing does not. Our Biomist solutions can operate effectively in the 85% of greenhouses worldwide that cannot dose CO2 via atmospheric gassing.

We are currently setting up small scale trials with various growers. If you would be interested in trialing Biomist at your facility please get in touch to register your interest.

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